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  • Be a Fun, Confident, Attentive Trainer that Your Dog Adores!

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“I think everyone who longs for that ‘special’ relationship with their dog should read this book.’ “Your e-book is well-written, very clear, beautifully designed, and very helpful to people to have a good relationship with their dogs. I love how you present five compact principles and elaborate on them so cogently with examples, sharing your extensive experience so well. This makes it fun and easy for people to assimilate and practice. Well done!”

Penelope Smith, author of “Animal Talk,” “When Animals Speak,” and “Animals in Spirit.”


“The 5 Step Formula sets up a method for working, collaborating and partnering in any situation “I really enjoyed the Book! My experience with this process has been wonderful. When I have been “stuck” with a situation or in the position of saying “I wish I could _______” I find myself longing for a destination but I’m lacking a road map! I’m impatient and I get easily frustrated.

Kathy has the ability to bring the phrase “let’s chunk it down and work on it in small pieces” into focus. This gets the process moving – Step by Step. The 5 Steps is the road map – but it doesn’t stop at the destination (going for walks in public, in Mary’s case).

It sets up a method for working, collaborating and partnering in any situation – it’s an amazing antidote for impatience and frustration. Best of all, it works beautifully!”

Nancy Flynn, Trainer, Valparaiso Indiana