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Brilliant Dog Partners VIP Coaching Program

 Dog dreams can come true!

Bring me your dog training dreams and goals …
and I’ll help you get there.

Your Dreams Come True Start Here...

If you are passionate about your dreams and goals and are ready to step into the Winners Circle …
I invite you to apply for the Brilliant Partners VIP Coaching Program.

There are only a few spots available in this program each year, by application only.

High performers (think athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs) that seriously reach for their dreams and goals have a few things in common:

  1. Passion that fuels and drives them toward a specific desired outcome.
  2. Dedication and Persistence to stay the course and work consistently at skill building.
  3. Resilience to not let failure stop them, but to inspire them to bounce back and try again.
  4. Mindset/Attitude that is optimistic and solution focused.
  5. A Passionate, Qualified Coach/Mentor that believes in them, and keeps them on track, and is there for the entire journey…ensuring that #’s 1 thru 4 stay intact and even expand.

I’d love to help you reach YOUR dreams and goals…while growing your partnership with your dogs along the way. Working with a trainer or clinician is NOT the same as having an expert coach … not even close.

My coaching takes a complete, holistic view, and together we will partner to bring all the pieces together for you and your dogs.

This intensive (and fun!) 3 month program includes:

  • 3 Months Membership in the Brilliant Partners Academy Inner Circle Online Program
  • Monthly Masterclasses and Coaching Calls (virtual online)Kathy Kawalec's True Potential
  • Brilliant Partners Masterclass Archives
  • Community Support in our Private Facebook group
  • PLUS…
  • 6 Private Lessons/Coaching (in-person at Kathy’s farm or virtual online via Skype/Phone)

Tuition: $397 per month (for 3 months)

Save $194 –  One Payment of $997.

The support group you’ll be a part of is just one of the pieces that make this such a great program…celebrating, supporting, and learning with passionate enthusiasts just like you is priceless!

I have capacity to work with just 2 ‘VIP clients’ at a time. (It’s time intensive on my end).

If you are a good fit for this program: you’re passionate, visionary, serious about your success. You understand there are no silver bullets and you’re ready, able and willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Is that you?

If yes, Then let’s talk!  Simply fill out the brief application on the next page and if I believe I can help you, we’ll schedule a time to talk.


The backstory…

I’ve seen it so many times: years and years and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on training clinics and seminars, buying dogs, sending dogs off for training, scores of lessons … not to mention hundreds (or thousands) on entry fees.

… you know what I’m talking about …


It breaks my heart to see so many wonderful and dedicated handlers stuck in this vortex of struggle, with little hope of breaking free.

I KNOW there is a better way.

The thing that has long been bugging me (on many levels) is the existing training model of ‘hit and miss’ clinics, lessons … and random, snapshot training advice that lacks ‘big picture’ and holistic perspectives, among other things.

It’s a model where there’s very little (if any) continuum, and no focus on long lasting results … and certainly no accountability (on either side) for reaching real goals.

It’s just not possible…or soooo much harder and longer than it needs to be…to reach dreams and goals under this model.

Well, I have dreams too … and I am passionate about and invested in: lasting and transformational partnership between a person and their dog that clearly leads to dreams realized via the easiest, shortest, smoothest path possible…I’ve devoted my life to this!

After inspiration and contemplation, I’ve put together the ideal solution for serious, passionate dog enthusiasts who truly appreciate a proven, successful, holistic coaching and training model where partnership with our brilliant dogs takes the center stage.

In this model, MY dreams are realized…and YOUR dreams are too.

As a holistic-minded dog trainer and coach, I’m known for my ability to easily spot problems and quickly find solutions that work for each team.

I will guide you and your dog on a progressive and step-by-step journey that leads directly to fulfillment of your goals. Whether you want to get the right start to your partnership, or polish key skills that will take you into the winners circle…or anything in between…a solid foundation and an amazing partnership with your dog is a core strategy that will get you there.

Not sure of your goals?
No problem…I will help you create inspiring goals that will be fun and take you and your dog on an educational adventure you’ll both love!

My experience give me an edge.

I’ve devoted my life to helping people and their dogs be the best they can be, and will teach YOU to teach your dog in ways you can easily understand. That’s because I’ve studied the fields of adult education, coaching and personal growth…I’m passionate about learning everything I can about holistic dog behavior, and I’ve spent 35+ years learning from the best teachers: the dogs themselves.

It’s my proven system that gives YOU the edge!

I practice what I teach: I come away from every competition with an even BETTER partnership with my dogs than before…win or lose…Q or DQ. Everything I do with my dogs revolves around creating heart-to-heart EFFECTIVE partnerships.

Unlike many world-class competitors, I don’t sort thru dogs, keeping the best and selling the rest. Instead, I train and compete with the dogs who have come into my life and are there to stay. Together, we become the best we can be.

I have successfully trained multiple border collies to compete at the world-class level in sheep herding … dogs that I’ve bred and raised, brought home as puppies or rescued as adults.

Isn’t that the kind of trainer YOU want to work with?

You and your dog will be coached using a Holistic model: balancing the physical, mental and emotional.

As a professional Holistic Dog Trainer and Consultant, the expertise that I have spent a lifetime developing will lead you to a partnership with your dog that is beyond your wildest dreams!

You do not have to sacrifice a trusting partnership in exchange for winning and success. In fact, I believe that real success is a direct result of a trusting partnership with your dog.


The Cognitive Dog Training System
and The Foundation Formula

At the heart of the CDT system is ‘Cognition’ … the process of acquiring profound understanding and knowledge about our dogs, about ourselves and how we interact and respond to one another.

We cannot truly understand our dogs or effectively teach them unless we perceive the ‘whole’ picture of who they are and what they are experiencing in each situation.

From basic training to awesome performance and competition in your favorite sport…CDT is a proven system that works…for all breeds, all activities, all levels from beginner to advanced.

Believe it or not, some people still speak of dog training in terms that imply a power struggle: we “housebreak” them … we make a dog “obedient”… dogs try to “dominate” us … they need to “obey” our “commands”… we “correct” them if they are wrong. That’s old, proven to be wrong, ineffective information.

I say: we can and we should approach training our dogs in a way that doesn’t require such an approach or intent…in a way that feels great to us, and to our dogs.

This opens up a whole new world of training our dogs through partnership. Teaching them through understanding and collaboration. Understanding them through keen awareness and knowledge. Learning to lead them in the dance of our shared life.

We can work together with our dogs, setting them up for success and guiding them with positive leadership.

We can work together with our dogs, helping them to be successful…and importantly, we can create a new ‘dog training’ language and become advocates and ambassadors for a better, more effective and more loving way to train our dogs. That, my friends, is my mission…and I hope you’ll join the movement to make our world a better place for dogs and the people who love them!

Can you imagine…
Imagine your well-behaved and trained dog. Walking, coming, agility, herding And just imagine…

…that amazing feeling that you experience as you come off a great run…the partnership, the skill, the handling…it was an awe-inspiring experience that you felt and everyone noticed…your friends, your peers and your coach all run up to congratulate you on one of the most amazing runs they’ve seen.

Yes, these are the things we all dream about. Incredible partnership with a dog we adore.

How to Get There

Getting there requires commitment, consistency and it requires passion. But most importantly it requires skill. You need to develop YOUR skills as your dog’s trainer, handler, partner and best supporter in the world.

Without these skills, you are faced with struggles that just never seem to get resolved. You have reached out for help, but it just doesn’t stick. Or just doesn’t feel right. Or simply just doesn’t work for you and your dog.

You’re left with a dog who pulls, lunges and barks when you try to go for a walk. A dog who won’t come if there is something more interesting and you don’t have a cookie in your hand.

You walk away from your runs, head down, fighting back the tears, because you KNOW your dog is better than that.

YOU’RE better than that. Your friends come and give you a hug…they feel your pain. You try not to let your dog feel your disappointment, but it’s so hard…so frustrating.

I have been there, my friend. Many times. I feel your pain. And, I can give you some hope. It IS possible for you to overcome these struggles just like I did. I went from an uninitiated, totally new beginner to a competent and successful competitor, not just once, in one arena, but many times…with horses and with dogs and in several different sports with both.

What I’ve discovered from my experiences of 35+ years of working with and learning from animals, is that there are certain skills, and certain information, and a specific system that works every single time. Not just for me and my dogs, but my students and their dogs have used the same training system and have reached the level of success they have dreamed of… and more.

Unleash the Power of Partnership …

Enter a whole new world of training your dogs through partnership: Teach your dog through understanding and collaboration. Communicate through keen awareness and with a common language. Learn to lead your dog in the dance of your shared life.

Learn to work together with your dogs, helping them to be successful…and importantly, become an advocate and ambassador for a better, more effective and more loving system to train dogs. Dogs all around the world will thank you!


Positive, loving leadership makes ANY type of training amazingly easy. Being a loving leader means providing enthusiastic, affirmative and instructive guidance to your dog each step of the way.


Successful dog trainers use natural, positive, the best dog training method


The CDT Brilliant Partners System guides you to:

• Build a rock solid foundation of relationship skills.

• Use real partnership-driven development that takes you way beyond ‘positive training’ and into the realm of mastery.

• Help your dog be a fully balanced partner, as you employ holistic ‘wholeness’ into your training strategy.

• Create powerful understanding between you and your dog…as you softly communicate in a way that is so natural to your dog, it leaves nothing to ‘misinterpretation’.

• Set your dog up for success each and every time you work, train and compete. This positive leadership is like putting money in the bank…your future success depends on it.


When you speak clearly in your dog’s natural language and listen carefully to your dog’s feedback, powerful understanding between you and your dog is possible.


Your Dreams Come True Start Here...

If you are passionate about your dreams and goals and are ready to step into the Winners Circle …
I invite you to apply for the Brilliant Partners VIP Coaching Program.



Walkin' the Talk ...

Kathy Kawalec and her border collie Dallas accept herding awards and silver belt buckle

Kathy Kawalec and her border collie Dallas accept herding awards and silver belt buckle

For over 15 years I’ve earned placements, wins and advanced titles in all venues of sanctioned trials including AKC, ASCA, AHBA, USBCHA. The last year I competed in AKC was a typical outing at the BCSA (Border Collie Society of America) National Specialty: Alongside my first 2 herding dogs, Dallas and Reno, we brought home 10 top 3 placements on A and B courses, including Firsts, High in Trial and a Silver Buckle for High Scoring BC in advanced B course. All that…competing in AKC only once per year at the Specialty.

My students have similar success stories,  from started to advanced and on all types of courses in all the herding venues including USBCHA.

I started with my first border collie, Dallas, more than 15 years ago, who I raised, trained and handled myself from novice on up to Open, and who earned enough qualifying points for the finals her 1st and 2nd year in open, in addition to qualifying for the Midwest Regional championships and making it into the finals round. Oh, and she won three beautiful sterling silver belt buckles for me over her trial career! Dallas had to be retired from trialing at 8.5 due to illness, but she continued to help teach many beginner students here at the farm until she left the earth at 15 years old. She was a great teacher and amazing friend who still inspires me every day.

Kathy Kawalec's Russell working at his last sheepdog trial.

Kathy Kawalec’s Russell working at his last sheepdog trial after a long and successful career.

Russell came into my life and completely turned it upside down. In a really awesome way. He and I made a great team from 2004 to 2009, had many Open placements and competed at the finals 3 times…ending his career at the Klamath Falls Finals in 2009, where he was the oldest dog competing at 12.5 and had a competitive preliminary run. We had a great partnership, and words cannot begin to express how much Russell taught me over the years. Now waiting at the rainbow bridge, his teachings continue to be passed on through my work.

Kathy and Joe Kawalec with border collie Maya at the 2011 Sheepdog Finals

Kathy and Joe Kawalec with border collie Maya at the 2011 Sheepdog Finals in Carbondale, CO.

In recent years, I’ve competed exclusively in USBCHA (United States Border Collie Handlers Association) sanctioned Open and Nursery trials, with many placements, wins, and high combined awards, including2011 Wisconsin Working Stockdog Association Open Handler of the Year, 2010 Land of Lincoln Border Collie Association Open Series Winner, 2010 Top 20 Finalist at the famous Bluegrass Classic, many times qualified for and competed in the USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals including the Top 17 Finals with Luc in 2013 and the Semi-Finals with Maya in 2010 with a year-end ranking of the 29th border collie in North America amongst many thousands.

These successes are earned with very limited trialing…typical average is only six to eight trials per year.

I’m not telling you this stuff to brag. If you’re a friend or client or a colleague you know that is not my way. Really, it’s not easy for me to even write these accomplishments on this page. I’m telling you this because I want you to know that you too can have this kind of success.